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Lovingkindness with Ram Dass


Lovingkindness with Ram Dass


Concentrate on your breath.

…In, Out

…In, Out

Maybe the tip of the nose will be the place where you will do that.

Now keep that concentrated —  concentration.


Bring it to the middle of your heart space.

…And that point is loving awareness.

…And that loving awareness is you.

It’s the real you.


Where you are.




…you can omit

…you can be aware

…of your eyes and what they see

You can be aware of the ears about you..about what they hear.

…what the skin feels.

You can be aware of your mind and your…and the river of thoughts come out of your mind.

…Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts.


Some of those thoughts are positive, some are negative.

Some are about you…and about others.

Some of them are judging thoughts.

But you will stay identified with loving awareness in your heart

…in the heart center.


I am loving awareness.

I am loving awareness.

I am loving awareness.


When I am loving when awareness is not a thing.

We can label it but it is not the words.


You are loving awareness

…So is Christ

…So is Krishna

…So is Buddha

…So is  Maharaji

They are loving awareness.

And so are you.


One loving awareness.

One loving awareness.


In each of us is a finger of the hand of loving awareness.

Loving awareness is in everybody.

Everybody is in loving awareness.


Or in disagreement,  in states, that’s the games….that’s the games we play.

Yet we are loving awareness.

We are individuals but we’re not.

We are the whole.

We are all God.

You are an individual and you are part of the whole

loving awareness.


When you finally get to be

be loving awareness,

be loving awareness.




We are all beings together,

one consciousness.

We are a satsang.


We are

we are

those who seek the truth.

…seek the truth

…seek the truth




Lovingkindness with Ram Dass

We are

Immersed in love.

Outside and inside

And you can radiate love and be it, you’re inside.


To all of us

To the planet

To the universe

Every one of us counts

In this effort


The love inside is radiated outside

love yourself

And love universe

The love inside of all of us is love.


We each translated …translate that love

according to our lives

no matter how thick is the filter of your karma

you radiate the the love of the one.


And now let us, a group effort, to love our planet


Now we are…we are love itself.

We are love.

We are loved.

We are love.

We are love.

We are love.


Be love.

Be loved.

Be love.



“Ocean Of Love” with Ram Dass


Close your eyes.

We together are journeying to a land


is an ocean of love.


All beings you can see in this land, you can love

… and they will love you.

The land is beyond time and beyond space

…so you can’t hold onto anything.

you’re an ocean of it, love, ocean of love.


And Majaraji is there.

And he stands in front of you and his eyes register the love that he has for you for you.

You’ve never been loved that way.

Being loved that way is going to affect your life.

Because then you can have a life of a loved person.


Breathe. Breathe. Breathe

Breathe in and out of your heart.

And breathe slowly.


Breathing in love, breathe out love.


Now you can identify with that ocean of love.

The one.

You are love.

You are love.

You are love.

You be love.


Now  — the beings that inhabit your your world.

Bring them into your mind.

You can love them.

Love them.


Just carry out what Maharaji did to you then you can do for these beings.

In that way you will be doing God’s service.

As Hanuman did.

Breathe in and out through your heart.


Namaste namaste namaste.

Lovingkindness Meditation with Ram Dass


Just resting in your own being

Aware of all the body sensations…


…no trying. no trying

…just being, just being.


Taking a deep breath…

…and as you let it out just let go of all of that kind of agitated, confused, worried feeling that you’re separate from something…

…just let it go and just come into a deeper sense.

In appreciation from within of all of the qualities of your being

…just the way they are

…imagine at this moment you are just the way you are

… and you are totally loved

…feel what that feels like

…not for how you wish you were or might become.

…But just the way it is

…you are loved

…you are allowed

…you are acknowledged.

As if the music was saying “I love you”

…and every protest you put up saying, “But if you really knew who I was how could you love me.”

…the music is saying, “I know who you are, and I love you.”

Now bring to mind other beings with whom you’re close or interact with in a relationship

…and see them with that same single eye that looks through the veil

..and sees another being of love manifesting.

For it is the heart of God that touches your heart

and it is your heart that touches another’s heart.

Work with the breath

…in and out

…right in the middle of your chest

Let it soften and inform

…the sweetest most gentle flow

Each breath opening your heart just a little bit more.

If there is sadness let the sadness come out

If there’s joy, let the joy bubble over.

If there is a quiet deep space of love, let it rest in its deep silence.

Resting in love…

…resting in love


…just a bit softer

…open your heart just a bit more

…come out and play

…I’m right here in love

…a little bit more

…let’s be together in love

…not later

…right now

…each breath

…soft so sweet

…nothing to do about it

…all the sharp edges have become soft.

Finally, even as the heart is this open

it becomes more and more open.

You learn that you can live life right in the middle of the marketplace

…with your heart this open

…buffeted and pushed and shoved

…and treated violently.

The compassion in your heart

allows the beloved in all the forms of action.

Maharaji said, “A mother is so much like God because she so forgiving.

Her love doesn’t waiver.”

And finally you are the Mother of the Universe

…and everybody you look upon is your child.


Soma Meditation by Ram Dass



At this moment, just focus in the middle of your chest.

Imagine there’s an opening in the middle of your chest.

And that even though you’re breathing through the middle of your nose and mouth.

Oxygen etc.

With this in-breath you are drawing in something very subtle.

Not even on the physical plane.



It’s been called “Soma.”

It’s been called “Exliir.”

It’s been called “Ambrosia.”

It’s been called “Pran.”

It’s been called “Living Spirit.”

Think of it as a very fine mist.



With each breath, draw it into the middle of your chest and let it pore through your body.

To the extremities.

To the tips of your fingers.

To the tips of your toes.

To your torso.

Your head.

And then in the out-breath, when you’re breathing out through the center of your chest, any stuff in you  that is keeping you from being with the Universe.

The tensions, the fears, the negativity, the doubt. the grudges, the anger, the loneliness, the self pity.

Breathe it out

Just breathe it out.


Let it go on the out-breath.

And then fill, once again with this  healing…very fine mist and let it pore through your body

And las it pores through your body, let it dislodge the tensions that may have settled in your back or your stomach.


The heavy thoughts.

Thoughts of paranoia.

The feelings of inadequacy or doubt.

The judging mind.


Just let it all be loosened, dislodged

And on the out-breath, breathe it out.

Make the breath slow and deep.


And keep that imagery strongly in mind.

That you’re breathing  in a very fine mist, filling your being

And then releasing all the stuff that you don’t need to be in the Spirit.

If there’s a great sadness in you, just let it go,

Breathe it out.

You don’t need it.

If there’s anger, hurt.

If you’ve been hurt.

If you have pain.

Don’t demand that it go away.

You may breathe it out.



And you’ll still feel sadness.

It might be such a deep reservoir of sadness.

But just what you can let go of, let go of.

And then fill with this very fine healing mist.


Now rest quietly with your eyes closed and just listen to me for a moment.

Imagine now — that out before you is all of the Universe of Form.

All of the World as you hear it, see it, smell it, taste it, and know it.

Including yourself.



And now imagine that at the top of your head you also have a hole — an opening.

And that above your head is the Formless out of which Form comes.



There is no Form.

It’s God Unmanifest.

It’s the Unspoken.

it’s the Void.

It’s the One.



Now — you will breathe in through your chest  — when I tell you — suggest you do — just listen now.

Drawing the Universe into your heart — the middle of your chest.

And you will breathe out through the top of your head — going out with your breath.

Go up with your breath.

And go back into the Formless.



And then on the next in-breath, draw the Formless down into your heart.

And then with the out-breath — breathe it out through your heart and re-create the forms which are spirit made manifest.

Then with the in-breath, draw it back into your heart.

Breathe out through the top of your head — going up.

Till you’re resting above your head.



Then draw your breath in.

Come back down into your heart.

And then Manifest out into the world.


So it’s In-up-out-down-in-out.



Do that for a few minutes now.

Start very slow, deep breathing.


So you keep going between Form and Formless.

Between The One and The Many.


Keeping your eyes closed.

Remain resting in the middle of your chest

And listen to me for one moment longer.

Now that you have released what you can of those things which keep you from being a pure instrument for the transmission of Spirit —

And now that you have learned to draw the Spirit through you.

You will find yourself in situation after situation where when you look out on the world you see suffering.



Maybe its someone you love that’s suffering.

The suffering might be physical.

It might be psychological.

It might be spiritual.

It might be somebody that’s a political prisoner.

Someone that’s starving or dying of cancer.

Or just lost in depression.

Or caught with drugs.

Or caught in a painful violence.



Whoever comes to mind — bring their image before you.

Standing or sitting or being out in-front.

With your breath — go up above your head.

Letting yourself go through the top of your head.



Again — bring that fine mist…

That spirit down through the top of your head – the Formless — go  down into your heart.

And then on the out-breath send it to your heart.

Keeping that being in your mind.

And with your mind, imagining — surrounding that being with light.



That is peace.

That is healing.

That is love.

That is spacious.



Then go back up into the Formless until that is just pouring through your heart and out — and  surrounding that being or those beings.

If there is anyone towards you feel anger that you would like to find the deeper space.

Bring that person before you.

And through this light, or this love

See that being in deeper way.



Let your heart open in this process.

Keep going back up into the Formless where you are the One.

And then come back and allow the Spirit come back down to manifest as a healing force.


And the thought is — not that, “I demand this person be healed of their suffering.”

But rather, “If it be in the way of things, let there be healing.”

“Not My, But Thy Will.”



And if it is you that is suffering and in pain.

Imagine yourself standing or sitting before yourself.

And surround that being with that same golden light.


Of love.

Of peace.

Of space.

Of compassion.


Open your heart a little wider.



What more can you do for the world than become a conduit for the Living Spirit to be manifest?




God — I love you.




Experience just how much you actually do love the Universe.

All the Forms coming before your Eye.

As you go back into the One and back into the Many.


See how precious all the Forms are.


Ok — now just come back and rest in your heart.

And open your eyes and relax. And stretch.



Mindfulness of Breath with Ram Dass


This meditation is drawn from Theravada, or southern Buddhism.

It’s called Anapana and it is just bringing you to right here and it is done through the breath.


So it is common to everyone in this room at this moment.

Of all of our individual differences, we are all breathing in, breathing out.

This process is one that is like, if you can imagine a flower and the center of the flower and then the petals coming out of the flower.

And the center is called your primary object in meditation and the petals are all the thoughts that keep coming out from that center.


In this case our primary object of meditation is our breath.

We will focus on our breath going in and our breath coming out.

You can do this two ways.


One is by focusing on a muscle that is in the solar plexus that every time you breathe in it moves in one direction and every time you breathe out it moves in another direction.

Rising, falling, rising, falling.


Or you could focus at the tip of the inside of your nose.

And as the air goes by you will feel a slight whisper of air on the in breath and as the air goes out you will feel a slight whisper of air on the out breath and you are like a gate keeper at the gate.


The cars go in and the cars go out.

You don’t follow them to see where they go you just notice the breath going in, breathing in, the breath going out, breathing out.


So whichever one is easiest for you, pick one now and stay with it for this period of 15 minutes, either the muscle in your solar plexus, that is rising and falling or the air going by the tip of your nose breathing in, breathing out.


Your job in the most gentle possible way is to merely keep your awareness focused on your primary object.

Now it is going to wander.

Your awareness is going to be grabbed by many thoughts.


You’ll sit down and you’ll say, breathing in, breathing out. And then the thought will come, “this will never work.”


Now you can either take the thought that this will never work and immediately go off on another train of thought, even though I am giving you instructions you just ignore them, and then the meditation is over.


That’s okay.


Or at some point you’ll say “gee, all I was going to do for these 15 minutes was watch my breath and this is another thought, I’ll just let it go and I’ll go back to my breath.”

The art is not to get violent with your other thoughts. Don’t get guilty because you are thinking them.

Don’t even try to push them away.

Merely very gently again and again bring your awareness back to the primary object of meditation.


Let each thought be another petal in the flower. Keep coming back to the center, back to the center, back to the center.

So with eyes closed and body straight as is comfortable for you to sit, it’s good to keep straight if you can – your head and neck and chest – bring your awareness either to the muscle in your abdomen or to the breath passing the tip of your nostrils and notice the breath either rising and falling or breathing in and breathing out.


If your breath gets fast or slow it doesn’t matter, just notice it.

Don’t change it but just notice it. You are merely remaining aware.

Any sounds, smells, sensations just let them come and let them go and bring your awareness back to either rising and falling or breathing in and breathing out.


If your mind wanders just notice it and bring it very gently back to breathing in breathing out or rising and falling.


Wherever your mind is now, just notice where it is and very gently bring it back to rising and falling, breathing in, breathing out. If it helps to say those words inside yourself with each breath it is perfectly okay.


All the sounds, everything that comes into your ears, just notice it as another thought and come back to your breath. There is nothing you need to think about now other than breathing in, breathing out or rising and falling.


Notice the shape and form as the breath goes by – beginning, middle, and end of the in breath, the space, the beginning, middle, and end of the out breath, the space.


If you experience agitation or confusion or boredom or bliss or anything just see it as more thoughts. Notice it and bring your awareness back to rising and falling or breathing in and breathing out.


If you begin to doze take a few deep intentional breaths. Rising and falling or breathing in and breathing out.


All the feelings in your body, the sounds, the sensations, the tastes, the smells, the sights, just notice them coming and going bring your awareness back to the primary object of meditation.


Firm your seat, head straight, rising and falling or breathing in and breathing out.


There are three more minutes left. Use these three minutes consciously. Gently but firmly each time your mind wanders bring it back to rising and falling or breathing in and breathing out.


Be vigilant but gentle. Bring the awareness back to the basic primary object of meditation. Basic attention to the breath.