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“I Am A Spiritual Playboy” with OSHO


“You say that love is liberation. But your enemies and critics maintain that some of the practices that the movement is encouraging, seem to be inspired more than by Mr. Heffner of Playboy than that of a spiritual leader. What do you have to say about this?
“I am a spiritual playboy.
Is there something wrong?
I call myself Zorba the Buddha. And that’s my whole life effort. To bring Zorba and Buddha closer. 
I don’t want dichotomy of the spiritual and the material. I want the spiritual and material as one whole.
They are.
The division creates a schizophrenic state in humanity.
And all the religions are criminals — in that sense.
They have created a split in man.
Your body is separate.
You soul is separate.
You have to fight with the body.
You have to remain celibate.
You have to fast.
You have to torture the body.
The more you torture, the more spiritual you are.