Effortless Transcendence by Elias North


Lovingkindness by Sharon Salzberg

Metta is meant to be done in the easiest way possible.

So that the experience of lovingkindness springs forth most gently, the most naturally.

To do it in the easiest way possible means first to use phrases that are personally meaningful.

The traditional phrases as their  taught in this one classical translation of them, beginning with oneself.


‘May I be free from danger.

May I know safety.’


The danger in that sense is both inner danger from the force of certain mind states and outer danger.


‘May I be free from danger.

May I have mental happiness.

May I have physical happiness.

May I have ease of well-being.’


Which means may I not have to struggle terribly day-by day — livelihood and family issues.


‘May I be free from danger.

May I have mental happiness.’


But really you should use any phrases that are powerful for you.

They need to be meaningful — not just in a very temporary way.

I guess the discourse is ok — but something profound that you’d wish for yourself and others.

“Your Breath is Your Brain’s Remote Control”

We have all heard this simple saying during times of trouble: “Take a deep breath in.”

Science being science, however, indicates that we may now have to update this old adage to read “Take a deep breath in it will help you be more emotionally aware but only if you inhale specifically through your nostrils and not your mouth—good luck.”

— Carol Goh in mindful.org

Mindfulness of Breath by Jack Kornfield



Having found a posture that is stable and comfortable. Again with your eyes either gently closed, or relaxed and slightly open, but not looking around.

Begin to pay attention to your body.

Allowing it to relax.

And noticing the sensations that are here — as you pay attention.

If you notice any obvious areas of tightness you can soften them.

Let the eyes and ears be soft.

The shoulders drop.

The hands rest easily.

Let the belly be soft and the breath natural.

Let yourself just rest for a moment. being aware of what you notice here.

As you feel your body, as you rest on the earth.


As you sit quietly, you’ll notice that there are different thoughts, feelings, and sounds that arise and pass — including these words.

Let the sounds and thoughts arise and pass easily. Like waves in the ocean. And let your mind and heart be soft, and open, and at peace.

Notice the waves as they come and go.

And simply be present with the feelings and the experiences that pass each moment as you sit.


In this space of a kind and relaxed attention:

Now let yourself become aware of the fact of your breathing.

In the midst of the thoughts, sounds, and feelings that come and go.

You can sense your life breath.

You can sense the feeling or the sensation of this rhythm of breath.

It might be coolness in the nose,  tingling in the back of the throat.

Or you might feel the breath as a movement of the chest or the rise and fall of the belly.

Let the breath have its natural rhythm. And as you feel it — rest your attention in the breathing.

Sense the breath carefully.

Focusing on the breath is our beginning. It is our way of connecting the mind, heart, and body together in the present.

If it’s helpful to you you can take 1 or 2 deeper breaths — and feel what place in the body the breath is most apparent to you.


And even if the breath is quite soft, see if you can let your attention become careful and notice the coolness, the tingling, the movement or vibration, the expansion of the belly.

Notice whatever you can of the breath and rest your attention in it.

As you feel each breath, let there be a sense of relaxation.

Both a presence or alertness, and at the same time an ease — relaxing in the sensation of breath.

After several breathes, you will probably notice that your mind wanders.

After several breaths, often a wave of thought, or feeling, or sound will come and carry you.

As soon as you notice this wave, you can acknowledge it very simply, “theres’ been thinking” “imagining” or “sound”…and release it — let it go when you notice it.

Coming back gently and directly to feel the breath again.

“Ahhhhh Meditation” with Lama Surya Das

Hi again, and welcome. This is Dzogchen meditation moment.

This is Lama Surya Das — the “American Lama” of my Dzogchen Center.


“Dzogchen” — the natural great perfection.

The innate wholeness and completeness in everyone and everything.

How sweet it is.

What a joyous awakening in the joy of  meditation.


Now we’re going to do the “Ahhhhh” meditation of “Skygazing” of Dzogchen tradition.

Of Sky-Space Union Yoga — merging with the infinite, outer, inner, and in-between —beyond any distinctions.

And we’re going to do it very simply — so take a deep breath — and  join me in a big, explosive



And again inhaling deeply, and then, with a big orgasmic release,







May the force be with you


And for the third and last time — that was just practice — now let’s really do it —



Eye open, mouth open, heart-mind open, everything open, I’m relaxed, at ease


openness and brightness —  the principles of Dzogchen



Spontaneous, buoyant flow.




Just let everything settle





You can do a few little ones after if you like.




Letting go and letting come and go.


Letting be.









Wizard Of Oz



Say ah once more for Dr. Das one more last time


Let go of all reference points



Going into the light

The infinite

Spacious, clear

open,  aware, luminous







Letting go.

Letting come.

Letting be.



At last here and now.


I love it.



Thank you.


Let go and let Buddha ahhh through you.



Let Buddha do it


Who else is the Buddha but you —  duh






Letting the breath and the energy unfurl

All resistance and fixations

release relax


Your muscles declench


letting go, letting be,





now open your eyes


And a littleahhhh in-breahth and a little


dropping whatever might be left.


if anything

just being







with all and everyone and everything

seemed to the illusion of separation


Co-meditating with me and with the big lama

the cosmic lama

your own buddhaness

in this moment.


The holy now.

The timeless time.

to determine instant.

The natural radiance.




Thank you.

Boundless love to one and all —  making this journey from head to heart.


If the body with the breath and to the earth.

This earth like an altar.


And all beings like the gods and goddesses and the Boddhsiatvas walking on it.

And once clarify pure perception, sacred outlook.


This Pureland.

This Paradise.

Where  we stand.