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Instructions on Lovingkindness-Metta by Matthieu Ricard


Some people say, ‘We don’t have time.’

Anyone who doesn’t have 10 seconds, every hour?

Nobody, isn’t it.

Every hour, or, let’s say, 6 times a day…for 10 seconds.

You look around.

You not jump on people and kiss them, ‘I love you’.

Again, that’s not going to work.

You look at them, look at you…

in the street, through the window, in your workplace…

sitting next to you on the subway.

And you just think:

“May this person be happy. Be safe. Flourishing in life.”

And somehow the cause of suffering dissipates.

Just 10 seconds.

Pure goodness.

And then in another hour you do that again.



Instructions on Self-Enquiry Meditation with Ram Dass

There is a way in which you can know things by linear thought process — by one thought, after another thought, after another thought.

There is also a gestalt phenomenon of an experience of understanding how something is. This is something that is not in a sequential thought process. It is not thought itself.

This is a method put forth by Ramana Marhashi. A beautiful saint in India who became realized at 17 years old and for 50 years he stayed in a wooden shed near Madras. Beautiful, beautiful being.

And he taught this very simple method called “Vichara Atma”  — meaning method of self-enquiry. “Who Am I?”