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Tonglen by Tulku Tsori Rinpoche


So by taking 3 breaths in and out.

We take a breath in.


When we take a breath in — visualizing that all the mother beings out there suffering

Visualize something like this

Everyone is in the ocean…drowning.


One another — on top of each other — stepping on each other — almost looks like deceiving each other and killing each other and stealing each other.

All kinds of negative.

And I am here — so fortunate to be able to recognize those — and how can I help them — these mother beings?


And visualize that way.

And take one breath in — visualizing I’m taking all dark smoke from this world.

Keep the breath as long as possible.

And visualize that when


Taking all the breath in — visualize all the negativities from all the mother beings —  dark black smoke we are taking in

And visualize you are taking down and pushing down in your stomach.

And visualize that everything is rotating with your sickness and suffering and all the negativities.

And visualize that it became one.

And then, relieve.


We take the second breath.


We’ll do the same thing.

We’ll take whatever leftover there in this Universe.

Whatever left over of dark smoke, dark negativities.

We’ll take inside.

And do the same thing.


We’ll take whatever is left over

Visualize that it all get together.

And then…


Each breath you stay as long as you can.

The end of the breath — the last one.

You take a breath in.

Visualize tiny little things.

Whatever leftover — taking in.

And then relieve.


Nothing left in this Universe.

And then…visualize yourself.

Your body became crystal clear.

Like don’t think of those organs and heart and liver and all those things.


Think your body became like a crystal.

You can see thought it.

Nothing left.

All empty.



Visualize in the front of you — in a space.

Visualize a Buddha….Shatamuta Buddha image.

From this Shatamutta Buddha image…

Don’t visualize like a picture, painted picture.

Or solid — some kind of statue.


Visualize like a RAMBO-type.

If you want to grab, there is nothing to grab.

But still it exists.

Make it appear something like that.

And visualize that incredible, you know, image, that is full of color.


From his forehead — very sharp light — a very sharp, bright light.

From his forehead to your forehead.

And that sharp, bright light — is never seen such a light like that.

That much brightness

Shoots at our forehead.


And visualize that dropping the nectar in our body.

From throat to the leg and up.

Visualizing slowly — it’s filing up the pure nectar of blessing from the Buddha’s.

And visualize that its filling up and up and up.

And flowing up.

Flowing outside.


And purifying everything and cleaning up.

And it’s blowing like it’s

Becoming bigger and bigger and bigger.


Bigger and bigger and bigger.

And all countless pores that we have in our body.

Those pores are opening.


And visualize each and every detail — single pores are opening like a flower

Countless flowers throughout our body.

And visualize that each and every single flower shooting countless from ten directions from our body.

Shooting a spark light.

Countless spark light.


Shooting throughout all ten directions towards all those mother beings whom you’ve taken all their negativities.

Now you’re shooting the positive, compassion, unconditional love and compassion towards them.

Through the Buddha’s blessing

Power of your compassion.


And it shoots in the center chest of their heart.

once it shoots, you know like, —shhooooooomp — unconcious type.

And regain of concious.

New one.

Like new life.


Transform into enlightened.

Instantly when they receive that light.

Shoots in their heart and they transform into enlightened beings.

And they are all doing the same thing to

Transforming yourself into a countless


And they are doing the same thing benefiting many other sentient beings.

And visualize summer.

So enjoying.

And they’re dancing, singing.


Visualize that there are so many raining with the flowers.

All the Buddha’s and Boddhistatvas are so happy, fulfilled  by what practice you have done.

And you think yourself “How fortunate I am.” How fortunate I am  that i’m born as a human being.’ And not only human being but I coudl touched with this Buddha dharma. And I found this great paththat leadsa me to this great compassion, lovingkindness towards other sentient beings.

And rejoice yourself, “How fortunate i am to be able to do this.”


And visualize that i wish that truly in my future life i gain this power of compassion and I am able to benefit all the countless mother beings that are suffering out there.


Rejoice yourself.

Enjoy that moment.

What a wonderful life.

How fortunate I am.


Stay in that moment. And enjoy.

And then, after some time, visualize that the flowers.

dissolve back to our body.


And then visualize that light also dissolve back to the Buddha’s image.

And that Buddha image that we have made appear in this space

in this empty space.


Visualize that dissolve back into one tiny light and disolve by itself into space.

And then I would like you guys to visualize in that empty space and stay in that empty space for a few minute.


So that way — we can start our day.

That way — we will never hate anyone.

Because — the day begin from your compassion practice.


All beings are our mother beings.

And we can be able to maintain our tolerance, patience with our kind mother beings.

And then think of your Lama, your spiritual master.

And pray and dedicate all of those whatever good deed you have done today.

Just dedicate to all the mother beings.


Tonglen by Pema Chödrön



So begin with just a śamatha vipassana.


Begin with just — listen to the gong and let your mind rest in this sense of openness and stillness.

Begin to breathe in. Completely and fully.

Taking in dark, heavy, hot feeling of claustrophobia.

Just taking it completely into your being.

Breathing out — light, cool, and refreshing.


Radiating it out throughout this whole room.

Across the mountains.

Letting it dissolve out all over the world.

And breathing in and out again.

Dark, heavy and hot.


Taking it in completely.

Breathing out light, cool, and refreshing.

Radiating it out.

360 degrees.


Do this until it really feels synchronized with the breath.

Heaviness, darkness coming in.

The freshness, lightness going out.


Take a very deep in-breath.

Relax —- an expansive out-breath.


Opening your being to the dark, and heavy, and painful — as you breathe in.

Just open to it as you breath in.

Then just let go and send out a sense of freshness, light.


Then when you feel ready, move onto a very real situation

Begin to do Tonglen for another person.

Suggesting that you do it for someone very close to you.


Particularly a family member.

Breathing in — with the wish that they be free of suffering — and sending them out — the wish that they have happiness and whatever would make them happy.

Breathing in— with the wish that they be free of suffering — taking in their suffering — sending out the sense of relief, spaciousness, happiness to them.


And then as soon as possible

Extend that further to all the people who are in the same situation as your family member.


If something gets in the way and this isn’t possible.

Keep this practice real by just shifting the attention and doing Tonglen with the feeling that’s blocking you.

And just breathe that in and own that feeling completely for yourself and all the other people in the same boat as you.

And breathe out relief for yourself and all the others.


Have a feeling of completely opening your heart and mind when you breathe in.

There’s no place for anything to get stuck.

You just open so wide as you breathe in that there’s no place for anything to get stuck.

And then just send that same openness outward.

Send it out to them.



Say this person’s name.

Visualize their face if that helps to make it more real and bring up the feelings more strongly.


When you hear this gong then slowly move back tośamatha vipassana,


Soma Meditation by Ram Dass



At this moment, just focus in the middle of your chest.

Imagine there’s an opening in the middle of your chest.

And that even though you’re breathing through the middle of your nose and mouth.

Oxygen etc.

With this in-breath you are drawing in something very subtle.

Not even on the physical plane.



It’s been called “Soma.”

It’s been called “Exliir.”

It’s been called “Ambrosia.”

It’s been called “Pran.”

It’s been called “Living Spirit.”

Think of it as a very fine mist.



With each breath, draw it into the middle of your chest and let it pore through your body.

To the extremities.

To the tips of your fingers.

To the tips of your toes.

To your torso.

Your head.

And then in the out-breath, when you’re breathing out through the center of your chest, any stuff in you  that is keeping you from being with the Universe.

The tensions, the fears, the negativity, the doubt. the grudges, the anger, the loneliness, the self pity.

Breathe it out

Just breathe it out.


Let it go on the out-breath.

And then fill, once again with this  healing…very fine mist and let it pore through your body

And las it pores through your body, let it dislodge the tensions that may have settled in your back or your stomach.


The heavy thoughts.

Thoughts of paranoia.

The feelings of inadequacy or doubt.

The judging mind.


Just let it all be loosened, dislodged

And on the out-breath, breathe it out.

Make the breath slow and deep.


And keep that imagery strongly in mind.

That you’re breathing  in a very fine mist, filling your being

And then releasing all the stuff that you don’t need to be in the Spirit.

If there’s a great sadness in you, just let it go,

Breathe it out.

You don’t need it.

If there’s anger, hurt.

If you’ve been hurt.

If you have pain.

Don’t demand that it go away.

You may breathe it out.



And you’ll still feel sadness.

It might be such a deep reservoir of sadness.

But just what you can let go of, let go of.

And then fill with this very fine healing mist.


Now rest quietly with your eyes closed and just listen to me for a moment.

Imagine now — that out before you is all of the Universe of Form.

All of the World as you hear it, see it, smell it, taste it, and know it.

Including yourself.



And now imagine that at the top of your head you also have a hole — an opening.

And that above your head is the Formless out of which Form comes.



There is no Form.

It’s God Unmanifest.

It’s the Unspoken.

it’s the Void.

It’s the One.



Now — you will breathe in through your chest  — when I tell you — suggest you do — just listen now.

Drawing the Universe into your heart — the middle of your chest.

And you will breathe out through the top of your head — going out with your breath.

Go up with your breath.

And go back into the Formless.



And then on the next in-breath, draw the Formless down into your heart.

And then with the out-breath — breathe it out through your heart and re-create the forms which are spirit made manifest.

Then with the in-breath, draw it back into your heart.

Breathe out through the top of your head — going up.

Till you’re resting above your head.



Then draw your breath in.

Come back down into your heart.

And then Manifest out into the world.


So it’s In-up-out-down-in-out.



Do that for a few minutes now.

Start very slow, deep breathing.


So you keep going between Form and Formless.

Between The One and The Many.


Keeping your eyes closed.

Remain resting in the middle of your chest

And listen to me for one moment longer.

Now that you have released what you can of those things which keep you from being a pure instrument for the transmission of Spirit —

And now that you have learned to draw the Spirit through you.

You will find yourself in situation after situation where when you look out on the world you see suffering.



Maybe its someone you love that’s suffering.

The suffering might be physical.

It might be psychological.

It might be spiritual.

It might be somebody that’s a political prisoner.

Someone that’s starving or dying of cancer.

Or just lost in depression.

Or caught with drugs.

Or caught in a painful violence.



Whoever comes to mind — bring their image before you.

Standing or sitting or being out in-front.

With your breath — go up above your head.

Letting yourself go through the top of your head.



Again — bring that fine mist…

That spirit down through the top of your head – the Formless — go  down into your heart.

And then on the out-breath send it to your heart.

Keeping that being in your mind.

And with your mind, imagining — surrounding that being with light.



That is peace.

That is healing.

That is love.

That is spacious.



Then go back up into the Formless until that is just pouring through your heart and out — and  surrounding that being or those beings.

If there is anyone towards you feel anger that you would like to find the deeper space.

Bring that person before you.

And through this light, or this love

See that being in deeper way.



Let your heart open in this process.

Keep going back up into the Formless where you are the One.

And then come back and allow the Spirit come back down to manifest as a healing force.


And the thought is — not that, “I demand this person be healed of their suffering.”

But rather, “If it be in the way of things, let there be healing.”

“Not My, But Thy Will.”



And if it is you that is suffering and in pain.

Imagine yourself standing or sitting before yourself.

And surround that being with that same golden light.


Of love.

Of peace.

Of space.

Of compassion.


Open your heart a little wider.



What more can you do for the world than become a conduit for the Living Spirit to be manifest?




God — I love you.




Experience just how much you actually do love the Universe.

All the Forms coming before your Eye.

As you go back into the One and back into the Many.


See how precious all the Forms are.


Ok — now just come back and rest in your heart.

And open your eyes and relax. And stretch.