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“The First 3 Chakras” with Carlos Samayu

Life has given me the opportunities to open and be surprised on and on, showing me that people that I may not trust in certain areas, show me and teach me in unexpected areas, making my life richer and giving me a wider perspective, opening my heart and holding my judgement.

The living structures follow a strict behavior, that’s why they are called “structures”, and in a way they are rigid.

They don’t follow their “own” path, but the program they have been set to follow, in order to accomplish “their” mission. If they don´t do it, they become cancerous.

Humanity IS a group and this is, for me, the purpose of the Big Work ahead : the integration of individuals into a common cause, the Creation of what have being named the Noosphere.

This can only be accomplished through the breaking down of millennia of conditioning that make us believe that we are outside of anything, separated entities with particular paths.

Integrity is done in an ongoing inclusive development or growth process, that can be explained by following the Vedic Map of Consciousness, exemplified by the chakras center system:

This system is composed, as you know, of 7 centers or wheels of energy, six of them in the body and one outside.

From the six in the incarnated body, three are called lower or survival centers and three upper or spiritual centers.

The three lower or SURVIVAL centers are programs related to what we called “living structures” and are

PURE PROGRAMS for SURVIVAL on this plane:

This program is engrained in each of our cells and says: this body has to live and for that, it would impel us, when we are hungry, to go for a piece of a hard bread or even a worm, if necessary, and to even kill for the purpose of being able to get that food.

Once our need for survival is satisfied, our energy can go up to this second center, the procreative or sexual center.

This is a transpersonal center, in the sense that is a biological program that make us feel, through the senses, attracted to another being of the opposite sex.

Their perfume, beauty, hair, even their intelligence or status, are just means by which Nature try to accomplish her own mission : the continuation of Life itself through copulation.

But this process create a collateral effect, like territoriality (jealousy ) translated as care for the seed you have planted, that you have taken car of, make it growth, etc, and you don’t want anybody else to eat from the fruit of your work, unless and a willing exchange is there..This in turn , give birth to boundaries, borders, frontiers, states, etc, that in due course is the origin of war and conquest, etc…

Once you have tasted not only the hard bread, but the caviar. or any special food you may like or enjoy, then you want more…more caviar, more women, more men, more money, more cars, more…

So, your energy goes up to the…

There you develop the capacity to CONTROL your surroundings in order to get whatever you want in order to satisfy your needs and wishes.

This is the area in which you manipulate the world for personal agenda.

Roughly, this is the description of the 3 lower centers, in which most humanity has been involved through millennia :
survival-sex- power.

At the same time, our process as specie through history went across a definition that make the differentiation in-between groups, whom becomes tribes that make a defense mechanism for themselves, creating taboos and rules to be able to belong to them; and survive.

Then clans were created inside of the tribes and new walls and rules and tabus of belonging ; then a wall round the family group until the creation of a wall around each individual that give birth to EGO.

This is what Jung named, the necessary process of individuation, that give us the possibility of reflexion,the possibility to think outside of the tribal mind.

But, also,as I pointed before, consolidated the emergence of the EGO and with this ,the trap of what I call the Narcissus Syndrome.

In the Vedic tradition , this is seen as the Big Trap: the process of IDENTIFICATION. Identification with NAMA and RUPA, the name and the form: ” I am this or that, I am a teacher, a Shaman, a pioneer…you name it.

In all the tradition of the Earth, exists a moment in which the member of a given society have to go through an ordeal, or initiatory passage or ritual, in which the person have let go of their name and form.

You have to DIE in order to be REBORN.

This point of transformation is being exemplified in all the occult traditions by the diaphragm, the point in-between the lower and higher worlds, the lower and higher Chakras. That’s the place where we feel our fears and angst. This is the place of the Gargoyles and the Dragon, Guardians of the Holy Shrine, where we have to confront our biggest fear: DEATH.

That is the place of the Boddhi Tree where Sakyamuni has to confront His last trial before becoming the Buddha.

Thats the place where ALL our identifications must go, being this or that, ANYTHING YOU HAVE CHERISH AND BELIEVED TO BE TRUE. On the other side, this is the final integration, not of the mind, but beyond mind.

An egg is an Structure and you have to break it in order to live, to pass into the next stage and this is also the meaning of any initiatory ritual. You have to let go of your preconceptions and ideas of what your mind thinks is ideal.

This is the place where you have to be able to SURRENDER and JUMP into the Abyss and fly!”

— Carlos Samayu