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Instructions on Lovingkindness-Metta by Matthieu Ricard


Some people say, ‘We don’t have time.’

Anyone who doesn’t have 10 seconds, every hour?

Nobody, isn’t it.


Every hour, or, let’s say, 6 times a day…for 10 seconds.

You look around.

You not jump on people and kiss them, ‘I love you’.

Again, that’s not going to work.

You look at them, look at you…

in the street, through the window, in your workplace…

sitting next to you on the subway.


And you just think:

“May this person be happy. Be safe. Flourishing in life.”


And somehow the cause of suffering dissipates.

Just 10 seconds.

Pure goodness.

And then in another hour you do that again.


“The Safest Place” with Keith Wilson



“Where do you think is safest to be?”


Inside doing your own inner work so you don’t need to objectify symbolically the war you have inside by experiencing one outside.

That’s why I’m here.