Category: 4. Heart Chakra (Anahata)

Lovingkindness with Ram Dass


Concentrate on your breath.

…In, Out

…In, Out

Maybe the tip of the nose will be the place where you will do that.

Now keep that concentrated —  concentration.


Bring it to the middle of your heart space.

…And that point is loving awareness.

…And that loving awareness is you.

It’s the real you.


Where you are.




…you can omit

…you can be aware

…of your eyes and what they see

You can be aware of the ears about you..about what they hear.

…what the skin feels.

You can be aware of your mind and your…and the river of thoughts come out of your mind.

…Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts.


Some of those thoughts are positive, some are negative.

Some are about you…and about others.

Some of them are judging thoughts.

But you will stay identified with loving awareness in your heart

…in the heart center.


I am loving awareness.

I am loving awareness.

I am loving awareness.


When I am loving when awareness is not a thing.

We can label it but it is not the words.


You are loving awareness

…So is Christ

…So is Krishna

…So is Buddha

…So is  Maharaji

They are loving awareness.

And so are you.


One loving awareness.

One loving awareness.


In each of us is a finger of the hand of loving awareness.

Loving awareness is in everybody.

Everybody is in loving awareness.


Or in disagreement,  in states, that’s the games….that’s the games we play.

Yet we are loving awareness.

We are individuals but we’re not.

We are the whole.

We are all God.

You are an individual and you are part of the whole

loving awareness.


When you finally get to be

be loving awareness,

be loving awareness.




We are all beings together,

one consciousness.

We are a satsang.


We are

we are

those who seek the truth.

…seek the truth

…seek the truth





“Ocean Of Love” with Ram Dass


Close your eyes.

We together are journeying to a land


is an ocean of love.


All beings you can see in this land, you can love

… and they will love you.

The land is beyond time and beyond space

…so you can’t hold onto anything.

you’re an ocean of it, love, ocean of love.


And Majaraji is there.

And he stands in front of you and his eyes register the love that he has for you for you.

You’ve never been loved that way.

Being loved that way is going to affect your life.

Because then you can have a life of a loved person.


Breathe. Breathe. Breathe

Breathe in and out of your heart.

And breathe slowly.


Breathing in love, breathe out love.


Now you can identify with that ocean of love.

The one.

You are love.

You are love.

You are love.

You be love.


Now  — the beings that inhabit your your world.

Bring them into your mind.

You can love them.

Love them.


Just carry out what Maharaji did to you then you can do for these beings.

In that way you will be doing God’s service.

As Hanuman did.

Breathe in and out through your heart.


Namaste namaste namaste.