White Flower Meditation by Amma


In today’s world the human mind and nature are in an agitated state.

Only divine grace can help us establish peace on earth and in our minds.

Let us try to make a difference in the present condition through our prayers.


Mentally visualize pure white flowers of peace showering down upon us from all over the sky onto all over the earth.

Like snow flakes, tear drops, rain drops, or like flowers falling from a tree.


These flowers fall onto the earth, the mountains, into the oceans, the worlds, lakes, forests.

The entire animal and planet kingdom and on our heads as well.

As these flowers fall upon us, we are filled with an unimaginable peace.

Remain in that silence for a while.


Our bodies are constituted of countless cells.

Every cell is significant.

Even a small cell that gets dislodged in the inner ear canal can cause an imbalance in the whole body.


Imagine from head to toe awakening.

Getting purified.

And dancing in divine bliss.

We experience a golden light filling each and every cell.

Like the sparks from a sparkler.


Or imagine that each cell of your body is glowing like the millions of stars in the night sky.

This kind of visualization is very beneficial for our physical and mental health.

And for the nourishment of the mind and the intellect.


Now starting from the point between your eyebrows — imagine that you’re drawing a triangle point.

Right in the center of the triangle, visualize a self luminous pearl

Feel its radiance spreading everywhere.

Remain focused on the light being emitted by the pearl.


Amma will now lead us in the chanting of the prayer, “Lokaha Samastaha Sukinho Bhavantu”

“May All Beings All Over The World Be Happy And Peaceful” (9 Times).


As you chant the mantra, imagine the continuous shower of pure white flowers of peace onto the entire earth.

And imagine these flowers falling on your head as well.


One may wonder, how do such prayers benefit us.

In fact, they benefit us first, before benefiting others.

For example, when you feed a hungry or orphan child, you get so much happiness from seeing the child eating with relish.


This immediate experience of happiness is called … which is “”self-evident”, or, “the visible effect”.

The merit of this action is experienced later.

This is known as … “The unseen benefit.”


Therefore we are benefitted in many ways when we try to help others.

One may think, “I have no problems in my life so why do I need to worry about others.”

Say a person living on the 10th floor of a building sees the ground floor on fire and hears the person on the ground floor crying out for help.


If he says, “It’s your problem.” It’s complete foolishness.

Because the fire on the ground can soon spread upwards.

In a similar way, somebody else’s problem today will be our problem tomorrow.

One may ask, “How does meditating or praying in a group help?”

It’s very hard to read under the light of a very low-voltage bulb.

But when you have a number of connected such bulbs connected in a series, you can easily read a book under the light.

Similarly, whenever a number of minds come together in prayer or meditation, it it has a deeper impact in bringing peace and harmony in the world.


We may not be able to change the current situation 100% through our prayers and meditation.

Yet, we can influence it to a larger degree.

The vibrations of anger, lust, hatred are different from that of love and compassion.

Let us try to evoke and contribute positive contributions to the world which will be beneficial for us and for everyone as well.


“Lokaha Samastaha Sukhino Bhavantu” (x9)

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti