Heart Meditation by Ken Wilber

This is a guided meditation about bringing us to our higher self.


Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.


The first thing to keep in mind where there is a desire to reach your higher self is to stop having that desire to reach your higher self.


I’m being funny but what I mean is, if you’re accessing your lower self — if you’re feeling anger, insecurity…fear, anxiety, worry, stress, selfish, jealous…

We just respond with compassion to that — automatically you’re bringing yourself up to the heart.


This  idea of “opening the third eye”, “crown chakra”, and adding “awakening”, “enlightenment”.

I think our work really is to get ourselves to the heart — and then, nature will take the rest of the way.


But, people do like menus and processes and Ken Wilber and all of that stuff so…I have this one chart that may be a useful guide.

And it’s all about kind of what the mind is doing.


Our goal is to follow the heart.

We’re spending our lives following what the heart wants or the mind’s attempt to manipulate the reality.


So at the base level, we’re just trying to ask, the mind is trying to ask, “What’s in it for me?” So “material status” or “money”, or “time”, “reputation”.

And in stage 2, it’s like, you know, “I want this identity as a good person”…or “smart” person…or an “enlightened” person.

But if there is no need to escape this moment. No need to change or fix either yourself, your child, your partner.

What wants to happen through us — not by us — but through us?

Now — we get stuck in these menus and these recipes and we can lose track of what the heart wants — cause that’s all mind stuff.


Heart doesn’t need to make a plan. Doesn’t need to have a map. Doesn’t need to have stages. Doesn’t know any of that stuff doesn’t want any of that stuff. It just wants what is loving. What is unifying.


And so we have this interesting paradox as a human being.

Halfway between the microcosmic and the macrocosmic size of galaxies and universes.

Here in the middle, we’re a paradox.

We’re…part of us, our heart, wants to just be relaxed, and connected, and loving.

…And a part of us, built into our nature, is to strive for “more”…”safety”, evolution is requiring that. Theoretically, requiring, that process.


So — what’s it all about?


Well, you can interpret it any way you want. Probably all interpretations are true.


But the one I like is that:  it’s probably all an opportunity for the heart to love. It’s an opportunity for the Universe to love every aspect. Even those aspects of the Universe that think they’re apart, apart from or separate from, the Universe.




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