Lovingkindness Meditation with Ram Dass


Just resting in your own being

Aware of all the body sensations…


…no trying. no trying

…just being, just being.


Taking a deep breath…

…and as you let it out just let go of all of that kind of agitated, confused, worried feeling that you’re separate from something…

…just let it go and just come into a deeper sense.

In appreciation from within of all of the qualities of your being

…just the way they are

…imagine at this moment you are just the way you are

… and you are totally loved

…feel what that feels like

…not for how you wish you were or might become.

…But just the way it is

…you are loved

…you are allowed

…you are acknowledged.

As if the music was saying “I love you”

…and every protest you put up saying, “But if you really knew who I was how could you love me.”

…the music is saying, “I know who you are, and I love you.”

Now bring to mind other beings with whom you’re close or interact with in a relationship

…and see them with that same single eye that looks through the veil

..and sees another being of love manifesting.

For it is the heart of God that touches your heart

and it is your heart that touches another’s heart.

Work with the breath

…in and out

…right in the middle of your chest

Let it soften and inform

…the sweetest most gentle flow

Each breath opening your heart just a little bit more.

If there is sadness let the sadness come out

If there’s joy, let the joy bubble over.

If there is a quiet deep space of love, let it rest in its deep silence.

Resting in love…

…resting in love


…just a bit softer

…open your heart just a bit more

…come out and play

…I’m right here in love

…a little bit more

…let’s be together in love

…not later

…right now

…each breath

…soft so sweet

…nothing to do about it

…all the sharp edges have become soft.

Finally, even as the heart is this open

it becomes more and more open.

You learn that you can live life right in the middle of the marketplace

…with your heart this open

…buffeted and pushed and shoved

…and treated violently.

The compassion in your heart

allows the beloved in all the forms of action.

Maharaji said, “A mother is so much like God because she so forgiving.

Her love doesn’t waiver.”

And finally you are the Mother of the Universe

…and everybody you look upon is your child.