White Flower Meditation by Amma


In today’s world the human mind and nature are in an agitated state.

Only divine grace can help us establish peace on earth and in our minds.

Let us try to make a difference in the present condition through our prayers.


Mentally visualize pure white flowers of peace showering down upon us from all over the sky onto all over the earth.

Like snow flakes, tear drops, rain drops, or like flowers falling from a tree.


These flowers fall onto the earth, the mountains, into the oceans, the worlds, lakes, forests.

The entire animal and planet kingdom and on our heads as well.

As these flowers fall upon us, we are filled with an unimaginable peace.

Remain in that silence for a while.


Our bodies are constituted of countless cells.

Every cell is significant.

Even a small cell that gets dislodged in the inner ear canal can cause an imbalance in the whole body.


Imagine from head to toe awakening.

Getting purified.

And dancing in divine bliss.

We experience a golden light filling each and every cell.

Like the sparks from a sparkler.


Or imagine that each cell of your body is glowing like the millions of stars in the night sky.

This kind of visualization is very beneficial for our physical and mental health.

And for the nourishment of the mind and the intellect.


Now starting from the point between your eyebrows — imagine that you’re drawing a triangle point.

Right in the center of the triangle, visualize a self luminous pearl

Feel its radiance spreading everywhere.

Remain focused on the light being emitted by the pearl.




Instructions on Lovingkindness-Metta by Matthieu Ricard


Some people say, ‘We don’t have time.’

Anyone who doesn’t have 10 seconds, every hour?

Nobody, isn’t it.


Every hour, or, let’s say, 6 times a day…for 10 seconds.

You look around.

You not jump on people and kiss them, ‘I love you’.

Again, that’s not going to work.

You look at them, look at you…

in the street, through the window, in your workplace…

sitting next to you on the subway.


And you just think:

“May this person be happy. Be safe. Flourishing in life.”


And somehow the cause of suffering dissipates.

Just 10 seconds.

Pure goodness.

And then in another hour you do that again.

“Forgiveness” with Carlos Samayu

You really can only forgive (including yourself) when you understand that everybody is trying to do the best thing they can do, from the perspective of their own growth in consciousness…ignorance is a form of innocence (“forgive them, cause they don’t know what they are doing”). Ethics is at the base of any spiritual endeavor, and “do unto others what you would like others do unto you, and don’t do unto others what you don’t want others unto you” is the only basic rule of ethics. Love is basically respect and care for all, including oneself.

— Carlos Samayu